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Freshly baked pizzas. Served in 3 minutes 24/7
Freshly baked pizzas. Served in 3 minutes 24/7
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  5. Have a complete touchless experience when you arrive at the kiosk
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Meet Fizza:
The first automated pizza machine in Finland
1. Preparation
Our pizzas are prepared in a traditional style in a pizza kitchen with high quality ingredients and delivered straight to our machines.
2. Fizza machine
Thanks to our state of the art pizza oven, your pizza is cooked upon your order to guarantee the best culinary experience.
3. Enjoy!
Anytime is pizza time, 24/7
Our locations:
Asematie 26, 02700 Kauniainen
Kulloontie 111, 04300 Tuusula
Läntinen Valkoisenlähteentie 52, 01300 Vantaa
Niittymaantie 2, 02200 Espoo
Mannerheiminkatu 8, 53900 Lappeenranta
Mäkelänkatu 33, 00550 Helsinki
Aittatori 16, 90100 Oulu
Rajatorpantie 21, 01600 Vantaa
Lystitie 53, 65300 Vaasa
Lipputie 7, Kivistö, 01700 Vantaa
Perhotie 54, 01490 Vantaa
Eerikinkartanontie 1, 02880 Kirkkonummi
Ahkiokatu 2, 20780 Kaarina
Vantaa Airport, non-Schengen zone
Keskustori 4, 60100 Seinäjoki
Rykmentintie 10, 20810 Turku
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We can deliver up to 100 warm pizzas at once, delivery anywhere in the capital area.

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Our Clients Love Us
  • Dimitrios Kanellos
    Really delicious pizza, ready in 3 minutes and there is parking right next to it so you can dig straight in. The ingredients are restocked daily, machine works 24/7. The base is puffy and the pizza is very filling. Good prices and I recommend it for the experience of the vending machine.
  • Mikael Cronholm
    A novelty for me, I was curious. I expected a somewhat "reheated" experience, but was knock-out surprised. It seems impossible to create a pizza this fast, this good, and with an automated process. Amazing.
  • Heikki Aitola
    I tried margharita, vegetariana and white grani (smoked salmon). All very super tasty and fresh. Ingredients are high quality, these are certainly not frozen pizzas! 6/5
  • Umesh Gowda
    By far one of the most tasty pizzas in town! I've tired the Hawaii pizza and Chicken BBQ pizza, enjoyed them both.
  • Noah
    Amazing pizza. The texture and fluffiness of the dough is really pleasing and the ingredients are of good quality. One pizza is more than enough to fill you up. Fabulous!
  • Paula Touray
    Amazing, you must wait three minutes only and your pizza is ready, a very delicious pizza.

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